old blog posts.
eye colour:
hair colour:

blue!!! browny-blonde roots though:(
sweets, cups of tea, the sound tennis balls make when they bounce, instant noodles, the smell of paint, clicky keyboards, pastel colours, tamagotchis, the smell of cigarettes
computers that get too hot, cheese, driving, feeling overwhelmed, feeling residue on my hands when i can't wash them
50 things i want to do before i die: taken from an old blog of mine from 2007/8
  1. get more than 20 band t-shirts
  2. go to the download festival at least once
  3. meet up with someone from the net
  4. save a life
  5. get my lip pierced (snakebites)
  6. buy real web hosting & domain
  7. go to a my chemical romance gig
  8. go to a taking back sunday gig
  9. go to a gig with alex :D
10. try a cigarette
11. learn to draw better
12. get a nice job
13. buy the black parade jacket!
14. go to the blue banana with hannah or em
15. have so many skittles i throw up
16. █████ █ ████ ████
17. get married
18. ████ ███
19. dye my hair
20. get a nice wardrobe.. aha
21. make some cash
22. pay off my debt
23. see My Chemical Romance in a mosh pit
24. ████ ███████ ████ ███████
25. make friends with someone i'd least expect
26. go to that teen help center in █████
27. faint
28. get at least one tattoo
29. meet gerard way
30. ████ ███ ██████ ████ ███ ████ :)!~
31. and get him to sign my converse!
32. go to a fall out boy gig
33. win something nice
34. have a long relationship with an amazing person
35. get my heart broken
36. actually finish something i draw
37. go to a paramore gig
38. keep my head out of other people's fuck
39. ████ ███ ██ ███ █████
40. write a letter to a band
41. fake a smile
42. laugh so hard i pee myself
43. get the hang of myspace
44. have kids
45. do something i regret
46. do an a-level in art
47. scream my heart out when i'm alone
48. tell myself that it's never going to happen
49. go to art school
50. finish this list
TOTAL: 36/50
what is this place?
this place is a dedication to the piczo websites that got me into web design in the first place. this is for you, T.W-M, S.A.H, K.L. piczo introduced the first 'drag and drop' style website creator, which is why some graphics on this page may look slightly out of place or aligned mis correctly. the links open to pop-up windows that i and a few others utilised to hide the piczo ads that were always at the top of the page (the links would be anchored to a section of another page) and feature content often found on piczo websites; blogs, photos that would be uploaded to share with friends, and a guestbook.
why did you make it?
because i loved it dearly and wanted to pay tribute to it. thank you, piczo