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dancing with myself.

December 15, 2008

10 days until Christmas!!! I can’t wait! Loads of presents came through the post today (play.com heheh) and one of them was ripped open slightly - the postman tried to fit it through the letter box, and failed - so I had to take it out to see if it was damaged or anything. It’s either me or my Dad who’s getting a Dresden Files comic book! We both love the dresden files. I don’t mind who gets it actually, I have a feeling I’ll be borrowing it off them a lot, aha. Oh I love the feeling you get when you find your christmas presents.
I’m at home today, ill again. Bad throat, achey all over, and a headache what is refusing to go away. :’( I didn’t get to sleep until 1:45am this morning, and I woke up feeling like rubbish. I’ve probably said this a thousand times before, but I truly hate being ill!
As you can see, I figured out how to change the smileys in WordPress. :> How I love these little grey blobs, they’re so cute. If I’m feeling up to it later on, I’ll have to try and change the codes for some of them later. I also have a new layout coming up, I’ve just got to fix a few things on it, and then I’m done. It will be done for Christmas, I’ve promised myself that I’ll get it done.
Before I go, has anyone heard of 43things.com? I’m addicted to it! xxx

trying to show you where i’m at.

December 5, 2008

Wow, It’s almost Christmas! I didn’t realise 2008 is coming to an end so soon. Oh well, we’ll all be getting presents on the 25th to make up for ‘the loss’ aha. Talking about presents, I really need to go Christmas shopping. Some of my friends are getting me presents, and I’ll feel awfully guilty if I don’t return them. Eek! Luckily (and hopefully) me and my family will be going to Birmingham to help decorate the ICU unit in the hospital my Dad works at, so we might be going to get some things from there afterwards if we have time. How I love Christmas, but not the big rush to get presents.
I’m trying to get the hang of making my PHP pages work in WordPress, it’s harder than I thought it would be. But I’m guessing after I’ve had a little more practice (and a little more fiddling around with some of the codes, aha) I’ll get the hang of it. I’m quite pleased with myself of how much I’ve learnt recently. O.o I’m not good at learning things quickly.
I had my first ECDL exam (a GCSE for ICT, but the school where I go decided not to do this, and went straight for the fancy qualification thingys) on presentations, and I PASSED! I got 30/32 marks possible. I don’t know whether I’m going to know which ones I got wrong though, we have a special computer account to do the exams on, and I think it erases all history (to avoid cheating i’m gussing) from the previous exam. Shame, I’d like to know what I could improve on. More on the school line, I have a huge peice of english coursework I haven’t even touched yet, and It’s in for Wednesday, oh goodness.
Now, I really don’t know what to blog about. Aha. Btw, the song “Hey Pretty” by Poe is amazing. ♥

loving every breath of you

November 23, 2008

Yay! I finally got a theme done. It’s not completely done yet, and I haven’t switched all my pages to PHP yet, so there are some broken links (and some of my awful coding) at the moment. I’ll have to get fixing that asap.
On Monday (it was an inset day- no school!) me and my family went to see my Nanna, she’s doing fine- but she hasn’t gained any confidence with her walking, sadly. We went in a meeting with a social worker to discuss whether she is able to go back to her home or need permenant care; and she decided that it was best if she went in a care home. I don’t blame her really, she’s in a lot of pain when she does walk, which is heartbreaking to see. The care home she’s gonna stay in is lovely, it’s the place where my great uncle ray was in before he passed away unfortunately, but it’s still good. At least I know she’s somewhere where she is going to be happy.
Did I mention I had my first GCSE exam on thursday? It was easier than I thought! (physics and biology) There was an error on one of the physics papers, so we might have to re-sit the exam, I’m not sure. It wasn’t just our school what was affected, it was schools across England as well. Stupid AQA!
I really have nothing to talk about now, I hate it when I suddenly loose the idea of what I was going to say, grr. Do you ever get that or is it just me? lol.
Anyway; I’ve got to be going. I’m so tired, and it’s not even 9:30pm yet!
Bye! xxx

i'll find my way home.

24th August, 2008 @ 14:30pm

Mood: Relaxed.
Music: Maybe Tomorrow - Stereophonics.

My goodness, time really does fly when you're enjoying yourself. I start school again in 10 days! Bloody hell, and I didn't realise until this morning when I got up. And within those ten days, I need to get my body clock sorted out. Staying up until 2am then waking up at 11am isn't good for someone who needs to wake up at 6am every moning to go to school. I'm doomed!
I've got GCSEs this year as well, so I promised myself I'm gonna crack down and try really hard with them. I can't wait for my new art class, I've got loads of my friends in it which I'm so so so so pleased about. That's the only class which I know who I'm with, so I'm hoping that I have some nice people in all my other classes. There is some people at my school who aren't well, nice exactly. But they don't bring me down, so I sholdn't be worrying too much.

Aha, now I really don't have anything to blog about. I'm too distracted by the olympic games closing ceremony in Bejing.. it's so wonderful! xx

count your fucking blessings.

16th August, 2008 @ 11:55am

Mood: Happy.
Music: Pray For Plagues - Bring Me The Horizon.

I'm so lazy when it comes to blogging these days, probably because it's summer and I'm outside more, aha. I think I should update a lot more than I am doing so, or the lovely Brenda will be at my throat!

I had an amazing time yesterday with some friends, I saw loads of friends who I hadn't seen in over 6 months and I also met some new friends as well! It was lovely to see everyone, we all stayed around the monument and got to know each other again, as well as playing tricks on each other! Ians lighter had smashed, so he turned the sparker thing into something what gives you a nasty shock so he was chasing around Em and 'sparking' her with it, it was very funny. I've made so many new friends! They're all so lovely, I just have trouble remembering their names, oops! I've got some names stuck in my head though, which is a good thing I really need to go there more often, it's amazing how strangers can soon turn into friends so quickly!

I went to London a while ago as well! It was amazing. I love the underground so much for some reason! Even though it gets crowded, I think it's lovely. Aha, I'm such a weirdo. We all went to see Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat as well, it was amazing, I got a Joseph badge aha. There were a lot of kids there who were enjoying it, which I was happy about. I think the only bad part about it was that I was sitting next to a creepy man.. *shudder* He really did not look like a nice man who goes to places like that, I hope he wasn't a peadophile or something..

New Layout finally! It's of Anna Nalick, you should really check out some of her songs, she's an amazing singer. Talking about muscians, Fall Out Boy in 63 days! Yes, I am counting down the days.. I'm lame aha. Now, I'm gonna go return all your lovely comments. xxx