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when you can’t wake up.

March 18, 2009

mood: Rushed
music: I Don’t Believe You - Pink
I think I need to blog more.
I have no idea how to start this blog, so I think I’m gonna dive right in. My birthday was on the 3rd (Woo, officially 15 ) and I got loads of sweets I was on a sugar high throughout the day, heh. I got £85 for the Fall Out Boy concert which was the day after that, and ‘Play Dead’ by Richard Montanari. A few friends gave me some chocolate (4 huge bars of it, haha) and Em gave me a necklace and a set of earrings which are lovely Thanks for all the birthday wishes, I had an amazing time. ♥
FALL OUT BOY. KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES. HEY MONDAY. AMAZING. It was amazing, the second time I’ve seen them. Unfortunately my Dad got told to take his camera back to the car, so we couldn’t take great quality pictures of them, but we did get another camera in with our mad sly skilz so we got some pictures It was amazing! I spent almost all of my money I got for my birthday there.. heh. I’ve only got £18 left.. eek. I mean come on, if you see a pair of Fall Out Boy underwear, your natural instinct is to buy them, obviously. They’re one of the best bands I’ve seen live yet, and I think I’ll see them some more once they tour in England again.
Last weekend (13th-15th) I went on the art trip, it was great! We learnt different styles of painting, and that we shouldn’t be afraid to put whatever we want into it. I think the best thing was was that we actually got contructive critisism, not just “that’s reli guuud! keep up da gud werk guiz” like some of the teachers in our school might say. I live for CC! I kind of miss the place, even though it was cold at night and we got told off for playing twister in our dorm.. aha. We got the mat back though. Anyone played twister here? It’s amazing, as you may agree aha. We had to call our teachers by their first names at the place, I don’t know why. I think we all took advantage of shouting ‘LEE’ and ‘ANDY’ every so often lmfao. The whole thing was a great experience, and I’d just love to go again.
Great memories..
Now one that isn’t so great- I have an English coursework draft which is in for FRIDAY, and she only set us it on TUESDAY. I don’t look like wonderwoman, do I? >:( I got sent out in history for writing on Stephs hand (hardly a criminal offence :|) and I have a detention tomorrow lunchtime.
I think school lovesloathes me with a passion.
And now I think I’ll go do that coursework! Grr… Thanks for the comments, I’ll reply to them all ASAP. xxxxxx
EDIT: PLEASE READ. I’m trying to fix my .php pages, so they’re going to be down for a while. Please don’t shoot me if weird things start happening.

the pants were dead.

March 2, 2009

mood: tired.
music: John Freeman - Furries In A Blender
New layout finally! Told you I’d get it up sooner or later. The only thing which is bugging me about it is that the CSS dosen’t seemed to have changed much (or is that just me?) Is the title for the blogs/sidebar menus still in Georgia, or is it in Arial with an orange stripe (For an even better example go on one of my .php pages… haha)? Please let me know.
Also another thing which was bugging me, something on my PHP pages went wrong (even i’m not sure what is is still) and the positioning went all weird. So I’ve had to cheat my way to fix it. :/ GRR.
On a brighter note.. it’s my birthday tomorrow!! I’m gonna be 15. I’m so excited! I’m getting a new phone- the iPhone, which makes me feel so very spoilt. But I’m not going to get it for a while as I need to switch from vodafone to o2, then transfer my number across. I think it’ll be hard to part with my phone I’ve got now (LG Chocolate), I’ve had it for ages. But out with the old, in with the new, right?
I have 2 science exams on Wednesday, Physics and Chemistry. Greeeat. I need to get studying.
edit I was tagged by Willian
Copy to your own blog, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real… nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.
1. What is your name: Annabelle
2. A four letter word: aand? [That was kinda hard.. LOL]
3. A boy’s name: Andrew
4. A girl’s name: Annie
5. An occupation: Accountant
6. Something someone can wear: A shirt [couldn't think of anything]
7. A food: Applesauce.
8. A Place: Austria,
9. A reason for being late: Ate the alarm clock.
10. Something you shout: Argh!
11. A movie title: A Lot Like Love
12. Something you drink: Apple juice.
13. A musical group: A Day to Remember.
14. An Animal: Armadillo.
15. A street name: ..[can't think of anything]
16. A type of car: Audi TT
17. The title of a song: Adams Song - Blink 182
I’m going to tag the first 10 people to read this/comment it.

have you heard the news today

February 20, 2009

mood: Unhappy.
music: Sunday Bloody Sunday [U2 Cover] - Paramore.
Happy birthday to my mum! 39 today, wahey. Woah, it’ll be my birthday soon. *counts* in 11 days?! Christ, that makes me feel old.
I’m sorry for not blogging as I usually should do, or doing anything to do with this site, I’m not in good ’shape’ at the moment. I’m not talking about my physical fitness or anything, it’s because at the moment I’m just really.. unhappy. And I don’t know why. I’m either really pissed, or in one of those moods where all you want to do is eat ice-cream while watching a sappy movie. I think it’s just something what will go away eventually, but for the mean time I’ll try to do things which cheer me up.
Talking about things what cheer me up, I went out to Crewe on Wednesday. It was amazing, everyone was there almost. I saw Ian, who I haven’t seen in at LEAST 1 & 1/2 years! It was great to see him. That guy (who I was talking about in the last blog) was there as well, but we didn’t talk much, I was too busy having a pile on with loads of people after the town center was emptying.. ahem. Mel winded me when she jumped on someone, and I swear I couldn’t breathe properly for the rest of the day. It was still fun though. I love going out. :]
I have a new layout coming along, finally. Infact I’ve already made it and coded the mapping for it, but I just haven’t made a theme for it yet. I’ll hopefully do that soon, although I’m making no promises.
If you have commented me in the past 2 (or 3?) blogs, don’t worry, I will comment you back eventually. x

if you wait for the right time.

February 6, 2009

mood: tired.
music: Vienna - The Fray
Febuary already?! Wow. I think I say that when every month starts, but 2009 seems to be going fast already. A lot has happened since my last blog, some good things, some bad, and one thing which makes my tummy go all funny.
I’m going to start with the ‘bad’ thing, so I can leave this blog on a brighter note. One of our baby birds died yesterday, I think the chill got to her little body. It has been quite cold with all the snow in England at the moment, so I was wondering how the babies outside would take it. We took her in, warmed her up and tried to make her eat, but she wasn’t doing too well. We think she broke a bone, but we’re not sure which. The poor thing. She was called Mumble. I almost wanted to cry this afternoon, her mother was sitting outside alone as if she was looking for her. I think we have to be careful in winters like this, baby birds usually are the ones who notice the cold. RIP Mumble.
I’m going on a school trip on the 13th March - 15th March for my GCSE art. It makes me feel special, because only 10 of us are allowed and I got in. Woo! I’ll be able to experiment with different styles, and we’re not limited to X amount of materials. I’m so excited! It’ll be great, I’m so sure of that. Steph got in as well, so that will just make it even more awesome. She’s really talented at art. Two of our teachers are going with us, I’m not going to mention their names, as one of them has a portfolio on the internet, and I don’t really want him google searching his name, and it coming up here. >_> Ahem.
As I’m thinking of how to structure this paragraph, my stomach is going all weird already. There is this guy who is really, really sweet, and he’s adorable. He apparantly likes me, but I’m not sure. Did I mention he’s 6ft 2?! He’s only in year 11.. which means he’s a year or so older than me. O_O Why do I have to be so small.
*dreamy sigh*