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give me a hint.

April 17, 2010

Mood: “meh”
Music: 6 Months – Hey Monday.
Uh, I apologize for not blogging in a while. I went back to school on Tuesday, and I got reminded about deadlines, coursework, revision and sleep loss. Despite all that I managed to finish a peice of History coursework from Year 10 which needed looking at before being sent for marking, and OH MY GOD I FINISHED MY GRAPHICS 100%. YAY!!!!!!!!!!1 So all I really need to do now is my Art coursework (I’m planning to get some materials for it tomorrow, and stay after school everyday next week to finish it) and some revision. I really need to be revising for ICT (Computers ) as we have Databases exam soon. Which reminds me, On my grades I passed 5 out of 8 exams, and we had taken 6 so far. So, wondering where I had failed, I asked my ICT teacher to check. It turned out to be my spreadsheets module, but she found an error. I actually passed my Spreadsheets exam by half a mark, but it somehow got marked as ‘failed’.so she’s going to get my grade changed. Yay! 6 out of 8 exams.
Yesterday was mine and Ben’s 5 month mark, so he took me for a meal at a buffet in town. It was a chinese restaurant thing and the food was amazing. Unfortunately I had a bit of a stomach upset beforehand so I couldn’t eat much but it still was pretty awesome. He paid for everything too. He’s such a sweetheart and I love him lots.
I’ve become so addicted to FarmVille on facebook recently, as sad as it sounds, I love growing virtual crops on my own little virtual farm. [/sad] haha.
Btw, before I go, I got some eardrops for my ears. The doctor said it looked as if it was just an ear infection; nothing to worry about too much. I also got some tablets and some cream for my spots, as they have flared up majorly lately, possibly from stress. But at least my ears are sorted! Speaking of which, I need to take them now. x

it’s like i can’t feel a thing.

April 12, 2010

Mood: Ill, tired, zoned out.
Music: 6 Months – Hey Monday
I feel so damn tired right now and I’m really spaced out. I’m so… ill kind of. It’s weird to describe.
I have something up with my right ear (warning, gross details ahead) and I’ve been complaining about it being itchy/sore a lot recently. When I finally bought some ear-buds (Q-Tips) a few days ago to clean my ears out, thinking it was just an overload of ear wax, I was grossly suprised. The ear wax wasn’t a healthy orangey colour, it was brown/black/green. GREEN. EW. It did stop the itching once all the wax had gone, but the soreness on some of the cartilidge (sp?) inside it hasn’t stopped. Infact I think it’s become worse Little things like taking a hoodie off, or Ben kissing my ear hurt. I think this ear problem could explain my spaced-out ness, especially if it’s affecting my balance.
And the spots on my face are getting worse. Although it is probably down to stress with coursework, revision, money, all that jazz.
So now my health issues are out in the blue: let’s go onto another subject.
I’ve been out a lot recently seeing friends, it’s been great. I’ve made a few new friends as well which is pretty amazing, I actually love meeting new people and I’m not just saying that because everyone else does nowadays. So it’s not all doom-and-gloom.
Enough about me anyway.
How’s your day been?

smash it up.

April 8, 2010

Mood: Tired.
Music: Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We’re Famous – Cobra Starship
My website got deleted. Which I really wasn’t happy about as Richard would know, as I was practically having a huge rant about how I wasn’t notified about server/host changes or something to him. I still don’t completely understand what happened although I have an idea, but it doesn’t invovle me personally, so I don’t really have the right to talk about it here. Especially if I don’t know 100% of what happened.
BUT. It’s up again! After a fight with the CSS and coding I managed to bring this up again. I still need to install my smilies, put up some more pages and figure out why my “Older and Newer” header at the bottom of the page isn’t working (EDIT LOLOL I’M SO STUPID. The reason why it isn’t working is because I don’t have any older entries :’D), but it’ll be sorted sooner or later. Luckily I had a backup on my computer of my Synyster Gates theme, so it wasn’t as if I was starting from scratch. ^_^ And I had backup of the comments on my phone (I use a WordPress application mainly to see if I’ve received any comments) so before it could refresh (Thank God I wasn’t in a 3G area haha) I print screened page after page of comments. I think I got everyone but I apologize if I forgot anyone!
I’m so tired, I got up early this morning so I could do some jobs around the house (originally planning to do all of the ironing) but I wanted to do some work on here. It’s not sad that I’ve spent 4 hours on my site today, right?!
I need a nap. z_z

three little birds sat on my window.

February 19, 2010

Mood: Happy.
Music: Put Your Records On – Corinne Bailey Rae
I’m back from Belgium! I had an amazing time. It was a trip with English Literature, so we had a selection of poems from the First World War, all of which were extremely emotional. We visited many war graves/memorials, got the chance to go to an amazing Belgian chocolate shop where I bought my Mum a chocolate box for her birthday tomorrow (40 tomorrow!) , my sister some Belgian marshmellows, Ben a chocolate bar and some fudge for myself. The fudge was the most delicious fudge I think I will ever taste It was gorgeous. I’ve all of the pictures onto my Facebook, so if you want a look you could add me and do so. I’m thinking about installing a Coppermine Photogallery on here for the pictures, does anyone have any experience with them? On the ferry home I bought some perfume – Harajuku Lovers: Love. It’s really strawberry-y, and I love it.
I did end up going to Bens on Valentines Day by the way – He got me ROSES! I love him so much, they’re beautiful. I took a picture of them with my iPhone (sorry it’s sideways ):
They’re so beautiful. All I got him was a little chocolate bar on the day, and the chocolates I bought in Belgium to make up for the crumminess of my gift aha. In the little card, it said “I will love you till the last rose dies x” and of course there was a fake rose amongst the real ones. He’s so sweet, *sigh*
I’m going to go return the comments, and eventually clean the bathroom tonight. x

you’re everything i need.

February 10, 2010

I’ve been meaning to blog for ages, but I haven’t had the chance to until now. :’) I’ve had so much happening, and loads of coursework. Eek.
I’ve had a pretty good February so far: last Saturday me, Ben, Nevitt and Cara went swimming which was hilarious. I was quite suprised with myself with my body, I’m usually self-concious and wear a t-shirt over my bikini, but I had the guts to go without a shirt. Aha! *smug* I love Ben, Cara and Nev, they’re like the greatest of friends. It was hilarious when Nevitt for told off for diving in over floats. :’) Him and Ben then started to throw balls at the signs around the pool to piss the lifeguard off, hahaa. It was so funny. Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures, non of us own a waterproof camera.
Valentines day is coming up! Is anyone getting anyone special something special? What are your views on it? Do you think it’s great? or do you hate it? I think it’s pointless to be honest, despite the fact that I have Ben. He’s still getting me something for valentines day, and everyone knows what it is but me. He says its about this (50cm) long, and I’ve heard from sources that it’s red. I’m not sure what it could be, but I have a feeling it’s either roses or a teddy or something. My present sucks – it’s just a chocolate lollypop in the shape of a heart which I’m planning to buy on Sunday. He ALWAYS has to top these things, dammit. I wouldn’t change him though. I really really really do love him.
I gave up on centering my layouts – I didn’t like the look of them too much. I think I’ll just stick to have good ol’ fashioned left aligned layouts. ^_^ *hugs screen* My site is nowhere near finished yet, I’ve got to add pages, sort out the CSS, some images, and rethink the footer now that I’ve got a sidebar back. I was pleased to hear all the comments I’ve got from the layout! I’ve grown an attachment to dark layouts, I have a feeling I may go through a ‘dark layout’ phase haha. Do you go through any layout ‘phases’? Just want to make sure I’m normal haha.
I have so much COURSEWORK ARGH. I have so much Graphics to do, including designing, showing how you designed it, assembling, and showing the assembly through a flowchart. Don’t get me started with my Art either – I have less than 4 weeks to prepare for my exam I’m dreading it, I’m going to be so busy lately and I won’t get anything done, I feel like crying half the time because of it. :/
13th – Getting my hair dyed
14th – Spending valentines with whoever, possibly Ben.
15th to 18th – English Literature school trip to Belguim (I’ll take pics!)
20th – My Mum’s 40th birthday.
Busy week I think! x

you’re a hot mess.

January 30, 2010

I am perfectly aware that the homepage looks a mess at the moment! I’m in the process of learning how to center layouts, and I am having a bit of trouble with the sidebar. Although having a centered layout looks a bit more professional and great for people with different screen dimensions, I’m not so keen on it. And I’m not saying that because I have yet to master the art of divs! What’s your opinion? I may change back to having a layout at the left of he screen.
On the subject of having no sidebar, I’ve had to credit the places where I’ve used brushes/resources in the footer. If you recognize anything of yours, please let me know!
I’m gonna go try and experiment a bit more. x