baby faces
approx 2009 - 2010, misc pics ♥
at a medical museum in 2009/2008! l-r: hannah, emily and gemma
emily hehe
gemma, mr jackson, hannah
hannah working her way around a mannequin x
hannah wearing a pregnancy suit, gemma and emily holding their precious babies x
i swear some learning did go into this school trip at some point......
sophie on a totally normal sized toilet x
leah snoozing on the coach ride back, cutieee. i remember this being the photo for leah's contact in my phone for years after!hehe
ellis (i think) tying ashleigh to a tree in the boy's school front yard
shammie and leah hahahahaahah
rachel!!! cutie
gemma, emily, rachel, sophie
comparing wonky thumbs
more wonky thumbs (Y)(Y)(Y)
emily prank calling someone on the coach ride home heheh
steph and shammie, aww
doodlesss, productive form time in the morning :)
warming our cold feet against the hot water pipes in the form room, it was so cold in there
molly! ♥
sarah and sophie:)
sophie and me! i think this was a fire drill in the rain hehe
me and sarah, fire drill in rain continueddd
vicky, shammie and cara! same fire drill, same rainy weather
the hotel room during an english literature trip to belgium!! l-r: lizzie, alex?, me, lauren
"post it note on your forehead guessin game"
i'm pretty sure mine was something like black squid or something
me and emily, cuteeee
nevitt to the rescue!!!!!!!!
my hero x
me and alice, aww
molly and me! scientists for life x
freya and me, so cuteeee :D
glassey and me at the park xo
me and libby at the monument i think?? <3
adam with a daisy chain crown hehe
stacey and me, wifeyyyysss for lifeyyyssss
i think this was our last IT lesson?? l-r: freya, me, ms ?? (omg i forgot her name :( ) becci, emily and emily ♥
emily proposing to becci in an art lesson :O with a haribo ring x
me and leahhh <3