rest in peace max. we love you
foundation diploma & new york, 2012/2013
as soon as i settled in to this course, it was time to end but i made some lovely memories in the process and some wonderful friends ♥

first day in nyc, december 2012

hmm i think this was a glitched panoramic photo of the kehinde wiley exhibit at the brooklyn museum :) i remember me and mary going up to brooklyn on the subway on our own because we were desperate to see some contemporary portrait works. it was an absolutely beautiful gallery, and i discovered my love for this artist in particular :)
something something shoot from the hip
me showing imogen the polaroid i took of the turnstiles, we each had to make a little sketchbook of the trip and i loved doing it soooo much
nyc taxi :)
:O the screm
edvard munch - the scream
vincent van gogh's the starry night ♥ at the MoMA
top of tha rockkkk
another kehinde wiley painting, these photos are 100% out of order
hahaha, bottom row: rosie and mary, jack laid across, clare leaning on jack and will crouched over hehehe
l-r: will, clare, rosie, mary, jack :)
mary clare and rosie, CUTE
awwwww the gang
mary, rosie, me, max, and clare. rest in peace max, thanks for helping make this year a good one. i just wish i took more photos. love you always x